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    Mar 26, 2013
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    Following a posting on the forum about filtering water in your MH etc, I followed one of the links (thank you whoever you were :thumb:)

    I found they had filters for home installs...and ordered one!

    under sink filter

    Just installed it...its amazing!! :thumb::shout::thumb::shout::thumb:

    We've always had bad tasting water here and we've bought those filter jug things to improve things....bloody expensive tho :Angry:

    So i've just had my first wonderful really fresh clean water from this new filter - no taste, nothing, just pure water!

    I just took some to the OH on the premise I'd just bought some bottled water....then told her it was filtered tap water...very impressed.

    Easy to fit too, just nipped down to B&Q got some speedfit 15mm pipe fittings all done in 30mins...:thumb:
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