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    Jan 19, 2013
    I've just had an enjoyable couple of days at the Lakeview Campsite at Upton Barns...... it was enjoyable because for a change I didn't have any work to do! I did however watch some very clever people do some nice things to my motorhome... so now I have a big smile on my face!

    I'd spoken to Alan at DMS, and he arranged for me to stay at Lakeview whilst he and Mark from C.L.S did a full engine service and habitation service respectively. Cos I'm a greedy boy I also got Alan to fit the inverter that I'd bought previously but been too inept to fit myself, a Sterling battery to battery charger and two further leisure batteries.

    At the start of the habitation service Mark asked me if there were any issues I know about that I wanted him to look at: "Oh yes" says I.... the 12v sockets seem to be dead and the habitation door handle is not working from the outside. Mark then set about his work.... measuring, checking, testing...... the 12v sockets started off being confusing but when he found the additional (now blown1!) fuse the previous owners had fitted to cover extra sockets, that was easily fixed. A partial dismantle of the door revealed a broken part inside the lock/handle unit... no problem says Mark as he had some units in stock and would return the following day to swap them over.

    Alan meanwhile had ploughed ahead with fitting the extra gadgets, done the service and fitted new pads and discs to both front sides (doesn't a 2.7 CDi engine take a lot of oil to refill??).

    Yesterday morning duly arrived and after being awoken to the gentle sounds of ducks doing what ducks do... I awaited Mark's return. He arrived as promised, bearing a shiny new lock/handle unit...... then the fun started.

    I now know that I've met someone far more professional than me, because Mark sweated blood fighting with various aspects of the repair without swearing once.... he even managed to appear cheerful throughout! The unit was finally fitted and connected at which point we found that the new units use a slightly longer lock barrel than the one that I had, which needed to be used to keep it in key sequence with all the other locks on lockers etc. The solution was eventually decided on fitting a different door from amongst ones that Mark had in stock. It seemed a simple solution... but did the old door want to come off? Nope..... much sweating and fettling later, the job was done. I now have a shiny new door, in the right colours to match the rest of the vehicle/decals etc and fully working lock and handle.

    It only remains to say a big 'thank you' to Alan and Dale at DMS (you'll get your reward in heaven Dale... it's looking unlikely from Alan!) and to Mark and Craig at C.L.S. Jobs very professionally done and I'm a very satisfied customer... I can heartily recommend them to other Funsters in the Midlands area, or from further afield if you can travel and stay as I did.

    Simon :thumb:
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    Isn't it a good feeling when you're pleased with a job when it's finished, restores one's faith in the professionals when we hear so many horror stories? :Smile:

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