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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by WinnietheBrave, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I've had a search around reading threads about waste disposal, although I am still unsure as to the right way/ easiest way.

    I have a 45lt waste hog and some tube which looks to be a cut off from some thing else?? Its all a bit messy, can any of you advide me what I should be using, pictures of couplings and hose would be good so i can see what you are talking about, and how do you all manage when there is no drive over drop points?

    I used to drop toilets on aircraft so quite used to the coupling set up, but mine seems to be "lacking" some where.
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    Your Winne will have the typical 3" outlet with a valve either side, left Grey right black. The standard method is a 3" bayonet fitted hose attached and away you go where you can drive over as it were. Some motor home service points are grey only though usually if it will accept black it will be a manhole cover or similar so stick your hose in and dump away.

    If there is no suitable point then some options plus our way.

    When black dump requied you really do need as per the distructions a good or preferably a full grey tank to flush the pipe afterwards but if just grey and you have a waste hog then any of the RV bit people, starspangledspanner or stateside tuning to name a couple can supply a 3" sewer cap with a screw fitting to take a garden type hose to poke into the waste hog, the easiest way as the fitting is an American thread is to buy the shortest American fresh water hose and chop the 'other' end off.

    Frankley this isn't in my opinion a worth while method, it was on our first RV as it had ridiculously small tanks but with the Winne no nead. I find that when we need water 5+ days the grey is about 2/3s full so empty grey fill fresh and usually start with a dump first as the loos not full but full enough to dump depending on where we are and usage and obviously if we can dump the black.

    When black dump isn't available, it's happened once now and we've had to go plan B. A few options here, if you feel brave there is the masarator route, an external bit of kit you attach to the outlet from the tanks and connect to a good 12 volt supply. It literally maserates and pumps through a small bore hose and as I'm sure you can find info on, or other will advise, they can do reasonable distances, but it requires you can at least get somewhere near the usual 'elsan' point and there's not to much uphill pumping to do. I haven't tryed this yet but a good search will give more info and, err stories:Eeek:

    Our methods, employed as said once, is a tank, similar principle to your waste hog but the Fiamma roll tank. It has I'm guessing a 75mm bayonnet, a guess as it looks just like the Yank setup but it's not. Fiamma do a hose for this with a single bayonet end which obviously fits thier tank and the other end we fitted a Yank 3". Simples, connect Yank end to van and Fiamma and to tank and pull the leaver. The tank has a float and when it rises the tank is about 2/3s full, stop flow, remove hose, fit cap and off to the dump point, I carried on past the float knowing there was space but it then needed two of us to pick it up whereas at 2/3s I could lift it on my own. This tank will also do grey and is much easier to store due to size and shape, sits on it's side at the very back of our rear under bed locker, after a good clean:thumb:

    You can get tote tanks, these are the American tanks designed for just this job, but they are pricey, given the Fiamma tanks about £40 anyway. Thier hose is very expensive in my mind for what it is but then it solves simply the game of nowhere to dump easily. We also did the tank method after about three days to avoid numerous trips, it would have taken two but daft here had a senior moment with the levers so we had a third half full trip:Doh:

    One addition here, I got an external 3" valve assembly for ours, fits on the outlet then connect hose to it, they are sold as a quick/bodge fix for leaking valves but the point for me is.....By using the external valve it avoids shutting specifically the black valve on anything, err solid and possible damaging the seals, or having debris stop the valve shutting. Our first RV wasn't well designed on the tank outlet piping and gave us a fair bit of bother, that and using toilet paper that'd didn't disolve well. Winne's much better though when we got her the black valve worked fine but was increadible stiff so I replaced and the inboard seal was well and truly mangled at a guess through being shut mid flow. Anyway, controlling the flow with the external valve avoids damage and is alot easier to clean and repair, and is a usefull sourse of spares if the worst happened. Word of warning to you or anyone else who likes the idea. Connect external, connect hose and open external valve before pulling either grey or black dump valve. The external valve copes fine closing down either tank at full flow however, if it's closed at the start and the black is pulled it can't cope with the compressed air basically and undoes itself:Eeek: Enough said:ROFLMAO:

    The other advantage I find is that once the black is emptied I shut the external valve and open the grey for about 45secs which back flushes into the black tank. Close grey release external valve and this flushes out any 'dregs' from the bottom of the black tank. Then just close black, open external and grey and that flushes the external valve and your hose/s through:thumb:

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