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    Was it two weeks ago? seems so... every 10 days to 2 weeks (14 days) I make the point of running up the engine, then the generator. Check the temperature on the control panel for the log heater and then the gauge in the bathroom to see what they read... to day they were at 48f in the main living area and 49f in the bathroom at the back. We have a couple of tube heaters, one in the bathroom and one against the bulkhead under the table inside a guard. The main LPG system is set to kick in at 38f ... that way the RV is snug even when it is cold outside like today.

    But it just seems time flies by.. as we were doing the same thing just the other day it seems... we also at the two week intervals recharge the batteries on such things as the Snooper satellite system and any other batteries that need to be boosted.

    The Rv water system was closed down some time back for the winter. So we wait now for the months to advance so we can get out and about with our pride and joy.

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