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Aug 7, 2007
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We have just returned from5 week europe trip and want to warn people re the Camping Aire at Malmedy, Belgium.
We visited Malmedy specifically for hubby to visit a war memorial and found a nice enough Aire in the town with electric/water etc.
5 Vans on the Aire and felt comfortable and safe, then at 5.30am was woken with 2 loud bangs on van followed by side window being smashed. To cut long story short a drug crazed man was running round attacking vans, he also smashed Hymer windscreen and damaged third van with stones. Even more scary he had a meat cleaver and handgun (transpired to be air pistol). He was finally overpowered and police arrested him but we learnt that he lives only 1km from the site. He was already on bail for 14 burglarys and is basically a one man crime wave.
We left Malmedy pretty sharp and want to warn people who are thinking of using this Aire. Shame because it seems like a nice enough town. Now looking to replace the glass - Mobilvetta 170LX Euroyacht A Class 1997 if anyone can help with where we can get it.


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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi sorry to hear of your woes
Re glass it is unlikely the glass was made for the Mobilvetta 170LX specificly, and a standard window (standard to motorhomes) may have been used if so Olearys keep a huge selection of windows
if its a flat panel glass the RAC have a mobile fitting service that only do flat glass fitting (not the windscreen dept)
if it is specific then its a dealer only part
you dont say if its double glazed plastic or laminated glass:Doh:
size and full description may get better response, as were not all familiar with the Mobilvetta 170LX

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