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    We are thinking of going on to Wales after Malvern for a look around, having never been there before is there any recommended places we should head for bearing in mind our van is 8.5 meters
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    So basically if a bus can get there your MH can.

    The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park springs readily to mind. If you want a central base with good public transport links to other bits and a beach nearby try either of the two campsites at Newgale. I prefer the one by the beach but it has no EHU.

    For N Wales you need to be a bit selective about where you drive a long vehicle. One possibility would be to try a campsite at somewhere like Barmouth (ie Hendre Mynach) and get the Cambrian Coaster train service to other places. The Welsh Highland (Steam) Railway has a stop at Porthmadog - handy for getting to other visitor attractions like Porthmeirion and the slate quarries.
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    Sophia gardens Cardiff (if you can get in because they are often fully booked) is right in the centre of the city and convenient for the castle, city centre, riverboat to the waterside etc.

    pembrey country park (just outside Llanelli) fantastic beach, walking or cycling through the forest, ride on model trains, horse riding, ski slope, mini golf etc etc. There is a campsite with electric or you can just take the van in as a day visitor and use it as a base (It is possible to wild camp just outside on the small parking areas as you approach (on the right just after the light controlled bridge)

    Brecon is also good and does have motor caravan parking over night near the canal basin (might be a bit tight for a van your size).
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