waeco fridge freezer problems

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    We have a 12v/240 waeco fridge/freezer situated under the dinette and it works permanantly off 12v, plugged in 12v socket in the dinette.
    It has worked perfectly off that socket when we are on EHU but we had to use a site that didnt have EHU for 2 days only it stopped freezing, the contents at the bottom of the freezer were still frozen but all the stuff at the top defrosted.
    We could hear the motor trying to come on but it wasnt enough to keep the stuff frozen in the freezer.
    As soon as we had hook up again after 2 days the freezer immediately started working again.
    Any reason for this, can anyone shed any light on why this happened please?
    We have a solar panel that keep the 2x110v batteries up to the the minimum of 12.4 on the read out of the regulator on the solar panel contoller

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