VW T5 Tailgate - Electric closer problems

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    I have a 2006 VW T5 Camper built by Westfalia on a caravelle base. The tailgate has an electric closing mechanism. Two days ago, when the tailgate was opened the latch on the vehicle body (as opposed to the hook on the tailgate) started to move in and out of its own accord accompanied by the whirring sound oif the electric motor. Today the latch has moved to the in position and thus the door will not close or lock. Any suggestions as to how to resolve this malfunction would be appreciated. I am not particularly technically minded. (Will the tailgate lock using the key?) Thanks.
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    somewhere around there will be most likely be a microswitch that will tell it its closed and possibly one to tell it its open which is possibly the cause of your problem.

    to make it open you will most likely have to press the tailgate open button.

    the old mercedes estates had a similar thing and the secret was not slamming the tailgate as you would on a mechanical close door as when it gets to a certain position it closes.
    you could always contact these to see if they have another one if its the same as yours that is..
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