volt metro vs Gtec. pros and cons please

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  1. Dogeared

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    Jan 16, 2013
    We are trying to decide which is the best bike to go for, have narrowed it down, we think, to one of the above.

    Can't see us doing more than ten miles in any one day on terrain similar to the Tissington trail, moderate hills, mainly of road.

    Really can't justify stretching the budget above the volt metro.

    Also where is best to buy from?

    Cheers Barry
  2. Kensmith314

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    Mar 18, 2015
    My wife bought the volt metro about 3 months ago and it has changed her life.
    She absolutely loves it. More than she loves me, I think.
    Some people will say it is over-priced compared with other folding electric bikes and maybe it is.
    However, I have been around bikes all my life and the quality of the volt bike is very good.
    It is the little things that make it a joy to use. For instance, the handlebar folding mechanism isn't agricultural to look at and use. It is a little work of art.
    One warning I can give you, though.
    You will be doing more than 10 miles in a day. You think you won't, but you will.
    It gets up any hill with ease. Hills aren't hills any more.
    Carol, my wife, used to limit herself to 10 mile round trips on a normal bike.
    5 miles out and 5 miles back was enough for her.
    Now, the only limit is her battery.
    In Scotland, recently, we cycled 15 miles each way to a castle - no problem at all.
    She also finds it safer that a non electric bike - she can keep up with the flow of traffic in towns and have a good non-wobbly speed up hills.
    Whichever you go for, you will love it, I'm sure.
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