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    Anybody got pone of the above?

    Just bought another motorhome with the said monitor. We had one on our last motorhome that worked perfectly, every time the monitor read 100% SOC the AH counted hours was zero, every time we wild camped and used the batteries the AH hours increased as it should.

    On this one the AH hours just seems to go up, even when the SOC is 100% the AH hours reads 22, 19, anything really. The manual says it isn't synchronised when it does this and that by precisely adjusting the charged parameters the monitor should synchronise with the charger when float stage is reached.

    In the settings you can go to F03- current charged parameter, it is set at default 2.0%, range is 0.5-10%. It says when the current charged value is below the percentage of battery capacity the battery can be considered as fully charged. Make sure the current charged parameter is always greater than the minimum current at which the charger maintains the battery, or stops charging. This is set at 2.0% when you go into it.

    F04- charged parameter time. This is the time the charged parameters must be met, in order to consider the battery as fully charged.This is set at 4 minutes which is the default.

    You can synchronise the monitor manually when the batteries are 100% and this resets the AH to zero, but its a pain each time you use it.

    I would like to get it working correctly.

    Is it just a case of trial and error, keep adjusting the settings until it works?

    Anybody else had/got one and can help. The battery charger is also a Victron phoenix multiplus compact C12/1600/70 but I don't know whar charging rate this is set at etc, as difficult to get at.


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