Very good LED lantern in Mountain Warehouse Sale

Discussion in 'Motorhome Accessories' started by Minxy Girl, Sep 6, 2014.

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    If anyone is after a good LED lantern to take away with them, or even use at home, then I can highly recommend this for £9.99:

    Wow is it bright! You can use just one side or both as required, and they can be independently swivelled round/directed to where you want the light.

    Don't mistake these for the abysmal LED lanterns you can still buy, this is a VERY bright one and as well as in the camper/away, it would be ideal for an attic, working in dark places due to the light being directional - much easier than a standard torch.

    They also have other bits and pieces on offer too, such as the 15L water carrier below, but in our store it was only £1.99 rather than £2.99 as on the web.
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