Vento fridge fan kit faulty ?

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  1. Spanner

    Spanner Funster

    Nov 7, 2015
    I've now fitted two of these kits which don't work as I expected.
    The first kit started running when the ambient temperature was only 20°C and cycled on / off every 5 seconds, adjustment of the trim screw made it run constantly !

    I fitted a complete replacement kit today.

    With the fridge switched OFF the fan switch in auto mode and an ambient temperature of 22°C the fans were still but as the temperature around the fan thermistor sensor hit 26°C the fans started then as the fans cooled the thermistor the fans stopped, but within seconds the fan motors began to emit a high pitched squeal before starting to spin again and continued to cycle in this way on off squeal on off
    Adjustment of the trim screw only varied the fault by 1°C
    The high pitch noise definitely does not come from the control box

    Have I received two faulty fan kits or is there another reason, any suggestions welcome.
    Thanks in advance !

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