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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by artona, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. artona


    Jul 31, 2007
    Hi Vanessa

    Just looking at your www site and your farm looks idylic. Whats the weather like over winter.

  2. vanessa

    vanessa Deleted User

    Hi Stew

    Winters are mixed, can get very cold (minus 20 is not unknown!! Not that cold every night though.), and we do always get some snow. We're in the foothills of the Massif Central (can see them from just up the road), at around 500m above sea level. Generally snow does not last too long, a day or two is normal - but last winter, it stuck around for a fortnight!

    We do get "real" seasons here - a fairly cold winter (but nothing like the mountains themselves), you know when sprin has arrived, summer is generally quite hot (not this year though - we've only got up to 30 so far!), and autumns are pretty. This was part of the reason for choosing to live here rather than anywhere else in France - we didn't want year-round sunshine of the south-east, nor the year-round damp of the north (too like the UK) ... and neither of us skiis, so the mountains were not really for us.

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