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Jul 19, 2007
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Oct 4, 2007
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Richard Birkett posted a new review on the Item Vanbitz
We have read your review, and we are sorry that you feel that we let you down.
The only downside is that later they discovered that their campsite warden had made a mistake with my payment and I had to pay a further £36 to remedy their problem and to be honest, if there wasn't the possibility that I may have to go back if anything goes wrong (I don't expect this will be the case but you never know) I would not have paid.
So all in all great workmanship let down!
With respects, the campsite warden, somehow managed to process your campsite charge of £18 as a Refund, thus crediting your account with £18

As you say you were booked into have two solar panels fitted, and as such we cover your campsite fee. So In addition to a simple mistake, where you were given £18 by Cornish Farm Touring Park, we discounted your invoice by the fee that you paid (should have paid) of £18

As you say you had asked us to investigate why your 24v system was not charging your 12v leisure batteries. We spent sometime establishing in how in fact it had been configured and why it wasn't working. There was no charge made for this whatsoever. It's called being nice!

You asked if you could make another booking for us to investigate further.

A few days later when the mistake came to light, that Cornish Farm had "given" you £18 instead of "charging" you £18 and that Van Bitz had refunded you the £18 that you hadn't actually paid, we contacted you and explained the mistake and how it happened.

You said that you would check you bank account and get back to us.

You didn't do this so a couple of weeks later we contacted you again, and you paid the unpaid £36

Your comment about you would not have paid what you owe, other than you may need to use us again says more about your morality than ours.

We felt that we had bent over backwards to help you with a problem that you had on your motorhome, free of charge, so didn't see that it was such a crime to phone and explain that the campsite warden had cocked up and ask if you would check and rectify the situation

It seems we were wrong.

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