Valley Fest - 8 Hours Volunteering For Free Festival Ticket - Aug. Bank Hol.

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    Thought we would try a relatively low key (we think!) family friendly music, organic food & drink festival to end the summer but on a tight budget so have volunteered at Valley Fest (overlooking Chew Valley Lake in countryside below Bath & Bristol) in return for free tickets for the whole festival from Friday to Monday over the August Bank holiday weekend so should be fun?! There is a seperate field for "campervans" & don't know yet if we will have to pay the £30 extra for that yet as their organising seems a bit vague & £10 donation (goes to various charities) for cars or whether there is a volunteers free area but regardless it is still cheap for two of us :) There are toilets & showers there. We have just had our places confirmed & know that they are currently still looking for volunteers (must be over 18) - link here but don't expect a quick response as the events team are at Boomtown Festival this weekend.
    We have volunteered quite a few times now for various events as one of our new hobbies & it is interesting to see them from the inside & much cheaper (y) Not everyones cup of tea but thought it might be worth posting in case any Funsters are at a loose end that weekend & might be interested :unsure:
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