Using water for first time in adria twin


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Feb 27, 2013
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Stupid question I know, but so far we haven't used water from tank in our adria twin, choosing instead to use on site facilities etc. we did do the required drain down etc for winter, inc truma water heater. So, now feeling a little more confident, we attempted a bit of wild camping ( or should that be vanning?!). So put water in fresh water tank, set off. When it came to getting water, turned pump on, then tap - nothing, but could hear pump whirring. So tried both tap in kitchen and shower - still no water.
Do I need to do this for quite a while so water heater fills with water first before any comes out of taps or am I missing something completely? Didn't want to damage the pump by running for ages with no sign if water! I'm sure I was shown this when I got the van (2007 model) a year ago, but the notes I made at the time make no sense whatsoever!

Also whilst I'm on, once we have water, what is the process for getting hot water? And same heating?


Stupid first time van owner! ( but loving every second in it!)


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Jul 1, 2012
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Always assuming you do actually have any water (external drain cock closed) yes you do have to leave it for a little while to pump water through the pipes.
Open all taps, if mixer taps then set to middle position, else open cold tap first.
Probably needs about 1 or 2 mins.

Heating. Don't know the Adria but I seem to remember Truma have two rotary dials. One for heating, one for hot water. They have numbers which select wattage when on mains and a flame symbol for gas. Each also has an inner ring for temperature.

Any clues as to model of truma system?


Sep 14, 2009
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Hi, make sure all the drain taps are closed for the hot and cold water tanks.
Fill the cold water tank up, then run the furthest tap on cold, then when the water comes through, close and do the same to the other taps.
Then repeat opening furthest tap on hot water.
Your hot water tank holds approx 10 litres, so that's all air that has to come out of the system, so you may have to run taps for a few mins.
Only once have I had an airlock, so I emptied everything and started again.
Good luck!
Mar 11, 2014
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If you drained the boiler tank down in winter make sure that you have closed the valve off again. I also find that the fresh water drain plug in our Twin is a bit of a pain to get seated correctly and usually have to have a couple of attempts at getting it back in properly before filling - so check that the water hasn't drained out.
Mar 11, 2014
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Just spotted the second part of your post about hot water heating.

If it is the truma combi 4 like our twin then the first dial is the power selector switch.
Top bit is 1800w elec only
Then 900w elec only (some campsites have restricted ampage supply)
Then gas only
Then mixed operation, gas and 900w elec
Then mixed operation, gas and 1800w elec.

These last 2 are useful for the heating when really cold as gas heating will warm your van faster then it will switch over to elec.

The second dial is as follows
Inner ring - heating temp - 1-5
Outer ring top bit is water heating only to 60
then water heating only to 40
then heating without water temp monitor (or drained water system) - water only heats if heating going
then heating with water temp monitor - if heating goes off (cos temp reached) water will still carry on heating

Hope that helps - it's taken me the best part of a year to get to grips with it without having to refer to the instructions!
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