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Discussion in 'Auto-Trail' started by mattireland, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. mattireland

    mattireland Deleted User

    hi, all
    just going into the campers club and just bought my first motorhome today
    autotrail cheyenne 590S 1998 fiat ducato 2,5 TDI, and on my 100mile journey home
    ever motorhome i came face to face with they gave a big salute and flashed their
    headlights, i`m already starting to enjoy this new way of life i`m told once the bug hits
    you will never look back,
    well bought the motohome but one problem no drivers or users manual, so i`m totally lost on how to use all the workings of my motorhome, so please if anyone of you fellow campers can point me in the right direction on where i might get my hands on these and avoid the guess working, dealing with gas i`m very nervous to mess with the system
    ye see the make model and year of my motorhome above, thank you in advance for any help:Sad::winky:
    happy motoring : martin
  2. GJH

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Acklam, Teesside, originally Glossop
    Hello Martin,

    Welcome to Fun and to motorhomes. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

    Not so sure where you will find a 1998 handbook but there are PDF downloads going back as far as 2004 on the Auto-trail web site.

    You might find that several details haven't changed all that much so you can apply them to your van.

    Other places to try are the web sites of the manufacturers of the various fittings like Thetford, Truma, Dometic/Electrolux etc.

    I'm sure people on here will be able to answer specific questions as well.

  3. mattireland

    mattireland Deleted User

    thanks very much for your help i will look into it tonight, and i will let you know how i get on
  4. Phyly


    Sep 17, 2009
    South Coast
    How did you get on? I have just bought a 1999 Cheyenne 590 Fiat 2.8tdi and I am also looking for specs and if possible a copy of the hand book.
  5. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    Most handbooks supplied with motorhomes are not of much use, when delivered most come with loose instructions supplied by fitting manufactures most of the big suppliers as Graham says can be obtained in downloads from the manufactures web sites.

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