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    Apr 14, 2015
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    Hi All

    I'm really looking for advise concerning living/touring in the USA for a long period (2yrs) in a few years time.. both of us will be retired, i will be 62, the wife 59

    We are trying to decide to do either Europe or the USA , as my wife is registered disabled with R/Athritus.

    I have read the pros & cons of europe and our beloved Tax/Health/DVLA services, but wanted to find out more about the good old USA, as there are places on the bucket list that must be seen..

    1. I have read in some sections about purchasing a RV out their is possible by either setting up and going through company .
    2. Also i understand a full Visa is required - 6months, which you keep having to apply for extension - is this also if you are retired, is there not a Silver Fox Visa :)
    3. Setting up a USA bank account for pension/money to be transferred into
    4. Do you still come back to the UK for Tax/NHS/Pension reasons ?
    5. I expect you have to take out USA medical insurance

    I know there must be tons more to know, but any advise is welcome and good swing it either way -> Euorope or USA ..
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    Reading the above makes it seem that you have already made up your mind about the destination as long as all the little problem'ettes are surmountable.......

    ......sounds like a good plan to me. Best of luck
  3. gus-lopez

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    Aug 18, 2014
    As long as you can afford the medical insurance. 2 sets of friends of mine can't .
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    I am not sure you can get a visa to visit the USA for more than 6 months. The normal stay under the visa waiver program is limited to 90 days but I believe you can get a visa to extend that to 6 months. And you won't get around this by nipping into Canada for a week or so then coming back! It is 6 months in any 12 month period as I understand it.

    However, they do seem to have flexibility (but it is usually to shorten the length of your stay) and you may have to go to the US Embassy in London to be interviewed. If you can convince them you are not going to be a burden on them and don't intend to retire there and have plenty of funds in the bank etc, etc, then they might allow you a longer stay.

    I can only suggest contacting the Embassy and asking for advice:

    EDIT: Just found the wording:

    "If you travel to the United States on a visitor (B-2) visa, the period of time you will be allowed will be determined by the USCIS at the port of entry. Initially they can grant a stay of six months which can be extended for a further six months at their discretion. The USCIS has sole jurisdiction over such matters."

    So does that mean just one extension?
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