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    Jun 9, 2016
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    Any freelancers here using Upwork?

    I've been with it for a few months and while I've had a few lucrative engagements I find it less than useful overall so will ditch it if I can find a good alternative. My rants include

    • The client side just don't seem to understand what a database is - job posted for database administrator often turns out to be a requirement for a front end web developer.
    • Same goes for technical architect.
    • Requests for deep expertise with a rate of $3 an hour which seems like a joke but the job gets hundreds of proposals.
    • Client side almost never closes jobs that have been hired or expired - way too much junk.
    • The search functionality is just rubbish.
    • The fees/commission are mental for the service offered.

    What are the alternatives? The answer is not freelancer.com ;)

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