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    hi there, just to update my recent situation when I broke down on way to dover. rac came out same time as police ,police officer stated I want this moved in 30 minutes ,rac said I cant give you a time so police officer said well I ll get it moved then,2 hours later van moved 5 miles cost me 150 quid.put claim for reimbursement in, no chance jist of reply, appealed but same response not their fault they said.so I feel a bit miffed to say the least,if there is similar situation in future I might just say nobody touches my van its not causing a problem I will wait for rac.i am not normally a bolshie sort of man but sometimes you ve got to take a stand.notice I have nt even said the police officer was just trying to be a clever t t but all the time we were waiting rac lad kept saying we would have moved it by now which did nt help my opinion of what had happened. cheers mick
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