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    A couple of years ago i had an ECU upgrade from WOW ( Quantum tuning ) although the vehicle pulled better i am now on my 3rd clutch, I went back to WOW at shows they were attending to explain my problems also followed up with emails to no avail, attending the recent Peterborough show i approached them again, this time not calling themselves WOW but just going by Quantum.
    Talking to one of there tecs called Adam who was very knowledgeable and helpful he offered to look at my previous upgrade even though it was done over two years ago!
    Adam came to us on site reset the Ecu to a more lighter tune asked me to take it for a run before they left on Sunday, this i done and hey ho what a difference could not make the clutch slip, power down slightly but of no consequence and the engine much quieter and less harsh this also confirmed on the trip home.
    If you have read my previous posts on this subject you will understand the problems ive had especially when the clutch went in Croatia and to finally get it sorted is quite a relief.
    If anyone is contemplating getting a upgrade be careful and do plenty of research as a lot of these upgrades are engine specific and not motorhome specific
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