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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by emmitdb, Jan 26, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    One of our brood has recently returned to Europe after five years in the Far East.
    They have moved to the Isle of Wight which for us is a three and a half hour drive from Cornwall.

    We've already done one return trip and the Sat Nav as usual wanted us to return home via the A30 instead of the A38 and Plymouth.
    On the way to the IOW it wanted us to do a 37mile trip through the New Forest instead of the more direct suburbs of Bournemouth.

    Whilst there this time I took the opportunity of updating the maps on the Garmin (must be two years since I last did it.)

    On the way home the 'puter said, "Go the direct route" both in the Bournemouth area and at the other end of the journey when, for the first time it sent us on the Devon Parkway to Plymuff.

    No drama but it just goes to show that someone somewhere must have tweeked the timings of the routes. Its obviously not just about new roads.
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    One problem with all sat navs, especially when one uses the "fastest route" setting, is that they will choose one route over another even if the difference is only seconds. The updates (for Garmin at least) include software updates as well as mapping updates so no doubt you are right about tweaking.

    I've noticed with our Camper 760 that it is also a lot better at taking traffic conditions into account. I've posted previously about the choosing of routes between Tees-side and Blackpool (three alternatives). Using Basecamp highlights that they should take within minutes of each other but time of day affects the differences.
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