Unwellcome in Morocco

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  1. bambi 2

    bambi 2

    Jun 7, 2009
    france, (Aveyron)
    We had been hearing tales that the man who owns the 2 Atlantica parc camp sites near Agadir and also the one at Aglou
    plage near Tiznet has been getting the police to turn off the free campers, last monday we had a meal with some friends in
    a restaurant in Agadir, the waiter told us that they were not getting custom from motorcaravanners now, he said they are
    going south, about 6pm when I returned to our camper, I was told by 2 policeman go NOW! I said we have been for a meal, we
    are not free campers, we are staying at Atlantica parc camp site, once again I was told GO NOW!!
    On wednesday we went to Tiznet, the camp site was full, so we parked on the scrap land opposite, an official said you can
    shop in Tiznet, but you must leave by 5pm, he directed us to what he called a camp site, where we paid 66 dirhams to park
    in a hotel drive, next morning we went back to Tiznet to shop and the same official.,accompanied by a soldier told us to
    go to the camp site, I said we've just left it!! (now getting angry!:Angry:) seems there's a curfew for motorcaravanners!!
    We left Tiznet and met up with a group of motorcaravanners on a small site between Aglou plage and Sidi Ifni, they told us
    that on saturday night the police came to them and told them to leave the parking in front of the hotel at Aglou plage,
    they objected as they had paid the hotel to stay, so they were told to leave in the morning, there is now a no camping sign
    at Aglou plage, we have all spent a good amount of money in Morocco and because of these restrictions a lot of businesses
    will suffer.
    We are heading south ourselves now, perhaps we will be more wellcome there. bambi 2
  2. EzeeRider


    Sep 12, 2007
    Sounds like a sign of the times?

  3. scotjimland

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    Jul 25, 2007
    This is a result of literally thousands of free campers setting up un official winter sites all along the Atlantic coast, with the resulting problem of chemical waste disposal and mess made.

    The Moroccans have no issue with the odd free camper, go in land away from the tourists traps and there is no problem..


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