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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by samvan, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. samvan

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    hi new here, has anyone bought a motorhome off ultra leisure motors in huddersfield? what condition was it in? any information would be helpful as im thinking of buying one of theirs
    cheers sm
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    If it's the one with all the old German vans not impressed at vehicles or prices.

    Look at an RV there and drove from Bedford to there to see a vehicle described as 1st class only to find it riddled with delamination and miles of DIY electrics been done with the old bits in the draws.

    You might have a better experience?
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  3. samvan

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    hi road runner, thanks for reply. can i ask what is delamination? can you remember the address of this garage you went to see, just to see if its the same one? so many questions!!! cheers sm
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    Delamination is where water has got into the woodwork and the material is 'splitting' and coming apart, needs to be avoided like the plague.

    What MH are you looking for?


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    Leeds and Lake Garda
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    re ultra leisure

    I bought a motorhome from Ultra leisure 4 years ago, a 1991 Dethleffs on a Peugeot chassis, it has been maintained regardless of cost by them ever since, with no major problems to report, my van was not the cleanest, nor the newest and has 240,000km on the clock, but the price I paid also reflected this.

    I could have gone to a larger dealer, bought a newer, lower milage, more highly presented van, but my life is not in a show room, I have suffered little in respect of losing in dealers margins and depreciation, so over all I have had a very good deal, if you want to part with £20k plus their are several dealers who will happily take it, if you havent got a euro millions cheque to blow, Janet has low over heads and a lovely genuine lady just trying like the rest of us to keep a nice little business turning over.

    I have been on site next to £60k Autotrail Chieftains and the like, see these people taking shoes off etc and stressing when the going gets tough, give mine a 2 minute wipe down and all clean again, no great stress, so all depends what your looking for, take each van on its merits, regardless of where it is.

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