uk motorhomes and gas in france

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by lebesset, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. lebesset


    May 31, 2009
    for reasons that are not clear to me many uk manufactured motorhomes seem to have small gas lockers ..unable to take a standard european sized bottle , 13Kg butane /11 Kg propane

    now in france a slightly smaller size bottle has made an appearance , the most widely available is energas , an own brand of intermarche

    instead of the standard 300mm diameter it is 270mm , and slightly reduced in height at 500mm approx.

    this bottle contains either 10Kg of butane or 9Kg of propane

    whether or not his would help with the gas locker size problem I cannot say , but post in case it is of interest to anyone

    for the moment there is a deposit on the bottle ....€1 !
    my local intermarche sells at €16.50 for either butane or propane

    on the subject of fitment , for 25 years I have used only the same thread probably know it as the 4.5Kg calor butane thread is widely available in mainland europe , france , germany , spain [ with the available adaptor ] for example ; energas , of course , uses this thread ; it means that whether you want to use butane or propane you only need one regulator or one tail
    so wherever I go I can just put on a local bottle if I so wish

    the energas price is a little cheaper per Kg than normal , I understand that casino are going to do the same product under their own brand , so , as the bottles will go back to the same filling station , they will probably swop them

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