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    Hi. Does anyone have, or know the tyre & wheel nut size (in metric) of a "P" reg (1993) Fiat Ducato Compass Drifter 410. I have a set of Spikes Spiders that will not fit my present MH, the Chausson Allegro83. I last used them on a 2003 AutoSleeper Executive SE. I had to fit an extra link in the arms that fit over the tyre for that particular MH. The wheel sizes being the same ie 15" but I think the tyre size for the Drifter was 195-70r-15c whereas the Exec was 215-70r-15c hence the extra link. I need to be sure of my facts, before I put them up for sale. The wheel nut size in both cases was, I think, 24mm, but need conformation. So an owner of an Executive might also confirm my thinking on that spec.
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