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Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by Dodgey, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Dodgey

    Dodgey Funster

    Oct 15, 2007
    Five Roads Alyth
    From another thread, we've just gone BIGGER on our TV.
    So, I'm not planning a major sale push but I thought I'd post in case anyone one here fancies????

    Grundig 15.4" LCD with remote,analogue and digital(Freeview) tuners, built in DVD, card reader slots, USB and the usual miriad connectors on the back. About two years old and not alot of use really, tidy little TV, wall mountable and crutially (in my view) 12 volt.
    It's complete with power brick, distructions and how sad is this, the origional box.

    We're south west Brum or what crossed my mind (hence post) we're at Shepton this weekend.
    I had £100 in my mind, don't really know what it's worth, cost £250 new so open to offers, suggestions?

    PM if interested?

    PS Hope this is alright with the big man?:Blush::thumb:

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