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    ::bigsmile:Hello to all this good day(sun is shining).To those in the know allow me to utilise your knowledge of mainland europe travel. But first allow me to give a little picture of my set up.New set of wheels(9.9mtr, 7490 GVW) ordered for end of year or early next,no rush, as this year is all catered for.Anyway ordered new passports which no doubt will arrive about the same time given recent publishment of delays. Many years ago did continental driving(HGV),well more a milk run, Hull-Rotterdam-Krefeld and back,using North Sea Ferries(ah memories),all arranged no hassle. Now to move on a bit. My good lady wishes to visit and see Tuscany's scenery. One has to oblige(every now and again but not always):winky: so the scene is set. Having a dog means using the tunnel. We wish to go or return via Germany for definite,as to the remainder of any route(we arn't on a time schedule) suggestions would help with no countrys to be exempt. So what paperwork or or tags would we need and perhaps some recommended stops along the way of any route suggested. I know we could meander but as is often said every litlle bit of help is good. Just to add that the return could possibly cover the Mosel (I think thats what she says. Its a good thing that I like driving as its all down to me).So if I can impose on you knowledgeable folk for your imput, one will be most appreciative:thumb::thanks2:
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    Hi sounds, lovey we toured or should say meandered around there a couple of years ago, if you can find it try and watch the film 'Under the Tuscan Sun' a really nice inside view into Tuscany, then you could visit Cortona where the film was based a lovely fortified Tuscan village we were allowed to camp below the city walls free for a couple of nights and wonder around the old walled city at our leisure, from there we visited Lake Trasimino lovely bike rides from there.

    If you are anywhere near I would definitely visit Assisi upper and lower town worth a visit. If you have not already thought about it I would also get the ACSI card and Camping Cheque's as they can save you so much out of season.:Smile:
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    All you need is in here in detail which I do not have time to repeat because we are getting ready for this weekend's meet.

    But Luxembourg Trier Koblenz, Fussen, Reschen Pass, Italy is really all you need to know. Search on the above names and all will be revealed.

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