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    Gas on? Yes. Gas in bottle? Yes. Igniter clicking? NO!

    Cold evening, no fire, bad news - BUT DON'T PANIC! It's probably only the AA battery that's gone flat and needs changing so:-

    Get on your stomach and look at the bottom of the fire on the right hand side and you'll see a small black box with a catch that slides upwards. Slide the catch and you may see a battery; if not, you'll certainly feel it. Take it out carefully and note the position of the + and - and insert a new battery ignoring the "use industrial battery only". A standard Duracell works fine This insertion may be easy, but if not I found a bit of bad language and blue air helped me a bit! When battery finally in, slide down the catch, heave yourself off stomach (that's the really difficult bit!) and hopefully you'll hear the magic

    CLICK, CLICK, CLICK and the wonderful warmth of a fire.

    Simples, wasn't it!!!
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