Truma hot water tank not igniting!

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Rollsman, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Hello All ,
    We bought the motorhome not long ago and not joy from boiler no clicking or cannot here valve opening on gas! Dismantled the lot and tried valve direct to 12v it works! But when I turn dial on nothing happens and green light is on all the time can anybody help out?:thumb:

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    Anything that can generate carbon monoxide if not working correctly needs a professional inspection IMO

    Even if a simple issue, be safe, get it looked at
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    You would need to provide info like the model etc. I can tell you when our 6002 didn't work correctly recently it was the combustion chamber fan. .. Bit as stated.. Get an expert
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    Your problem sounds similar to the one we had whilst in Germany recently. I think it was the 'combustion air infeed' unit (fan) that was faulty which was replaced, as shown (no 11) in the below diagram. The engineer had had the part with him in his van for years and never thought he'd really need it as, in all his years as being a Truma engineer (over 15) he'd never had to replace one before! he was also surprised that we had a 2 year warranty as it is normally only covered for a year in Germany, so it saved us paying a big bill of €280.50!

    If a technician can't find the fault based on the error code, make sure they actually remove and test the 'combustion air infeed' itself - this is what the Truma technician did with ours as the error code wasn't giving an obvious fault with it, but that's what it was.

    also, someone else had a problem too which was similar and theirs turned out to be a poor connection on back of control unit, which they pulled off then reconnected, gave it a wriggle and all was well. This is one of the common faults apparently on some models - when we were having a problem we rang Camper UK from Germany and spoke to one of the technicians who gave us some things to check out and this was one of them.

    Someone else said about their problem: "They [the Truma techs] had it for 4 hours - took the boiler out completely and bench-tested it. The problem ignitor probe. The probe was OK, but the shortish lead connecting it to the boiler was trapped in one place by the boiler casing, and when the boiler was on, the case expanded, squashing the trapped wire and, despite the insulation not actually being broken, causing a short to the casing and thereby causing symptoms of gas starvation.

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    on my truma 6e [i had 2 completely re-build the electric side ] elements, dont know where you r but tj motorhome/caraven repairs has a truma 4e in bits now [ i had element]
    tel 01623-242702 / 01623-247310, ask for troy, there are 2 fuses one for gas 1 for electric
    just a thought , hope u sort it:thumb:
    just seen u r in spain oke-doke
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