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Aug 20, 2016
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Hi everybody

We are touring Scandinavia from April through into June and are just finalising our route planning including campsites and things to do or see particularly in Norway.

Would appreciate any advice or thoughts that you can share with us on the attractions of the above towns for campsites, things to see and do and any other attractions not to be missed.

We are not sure how you would describe Trondheim, Stavanger and Lillehammer with regards to size but we prefer smaller towns to the large cities and like places with a bit of history or scenery rather than cities which all appear the same as each other, so please feel free to tell me if these places are to visited or avoided



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Feb 16, 2019
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Hi Peter; went to Lillehammer in June 2014 just so that I could go down the bobsleigh track and that’s all we did in that area. If that’s your reason for going there then contact before you go. I just turned up! It worked out great, but could have been a disaster.
Nice campsite nearby, not sure about town.
Thinking of going back to Norway in June this year, but need a plan,
Regards. Ls
Jul 27, 2010
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I think 17th May is Norway's national day, so everywhere is busy, lots of American car and bike clubs go camping for the week/weekend. Only been there on a bike years ago so no problems getting booked in. Was -4 at night around that time, furthest north we went was Hunderfossen for the weekend, just north of Lillehammer. There is a troll theme park there where we had the bike rally.

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Jan 19, 2014
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I spent a few weeks having a look round southern Norway.. I see you have Stavanger on your list so it would be well worth look over to the lysefjord... there is the iconic pulpit rock at the western end and that famous boulder wedged in the fissure at the eastern end (whose name escapes me atm:LOL: )
the pulpit rock isn't to bad a walk but kjerag (its come back but not sure about the spelling:LOL: ) rock is a bit of a hike..
the southern area basically has a few very scenic valleys running north south from the coast..
stunning country... hope you have a great trip.
campsites were not cheap , in season the prices can be eyewatering, but I did quite a bit wilding..


Aug 25, 2015
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Hi everybody

We are touring Scandinavia from April through into June and are just finalising our route planning including campsites and things to do or see particularly in Norway.


We are planning same sort of time: (Date ,Place ,Kms that day,Camperstop or Lonely Planet page# or Grid reference)
29-Apr Hull Rotterdam 0
30-Apr Rotterdam Senden 406 CS #196
01-May Senden Horsten 402 CS #124
02-May Horsten Copenhagen 392 CS #299
03-May Copenhagen Copenhagen Canal tour Lonely P #53
04-May Copenhagen Goteborg 315 CS #665 Utkiken Lipstick tower Lilla Bommen LP #431
05-May Goteborg Goteborg 0
06-May Goteborg Oslo 293 CS #634 Bogstad Camping N59"57'46.6 E10"38'31.3
07-May Oslo Oslo LP #293 City tour
08-May Oslo Roldal 305
09-May Roldal Tau 150 CS# 632 Preikestolen LP 322
10-May Tau Stravanger 20 Go into Stravenger by boat
11-May Stravanger Bergen 209 Lots of Ferries
12-May Bergen Bergen 106 CS# 630 Bryggen Vagen Harbour
13-May Bergen Bergen LP #311 City tour
14-May Bergen Viksdalen 250 CS#633 Go Via Flåm & Mannheller-Fondes Ferry E39,E16,E5,E39, Fv60, E15, E39, 655, E136 Gudvangatunnelen Festøya Fergekai
15-May Viksdalen Alesund 273 CS#630
16-May Alesund Alesund Atlantic Highway via Vestnes Molde Malme Eide E39, Fv64 just after molde
17-May Alesund Kristensund 152 CS#631
18-May Kristensund Kristensund 0
19-May Kristensund Trondheim 197 CS#630
20-May Trondheim Trondheim 0 Malvik Campsite Gamie Bybro
21-May Trondheim Sundesvall 267 Just Park somewhere
22-May Sundesvall Stockholm 227 CS#629 water & WC but parking is wild
23-May Stockholm Stockholm 0 Skärholmen City tour
24-May Stockholm Stockholm 0 Skärholmen
25-May Stockholm Jonkoping 324
26-May Jonkoping Malmo 292
27-May Malmo Flensburg 353
28-May Flensburg Hamburg 161
29-May Hamburg Appledorn 378
30-May Appledorn Calais 392

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