Trikeman's skirt.

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Ah-ha,,,,,, It's my recent project, not me in a kilt.:roflmto:

    Anyway, having both a very 'inquisitive' Staffie and a cracking drive away awning, we had a windy gap under the van which the dog escaped out of when ever someone went past and could blow the awning up like a balloon if the wind was in the right direction.
    Remedy - 5 meters of 70cm skirt, two awning rails, 20 stainless screws and 1/4 tube of Sikaflex and here we are. OK, use of the electric step is now redundant but we used a takeaway step most of the time as it is. I am currently making a 'flap' that goes over the wheel apature fitted by a couple of suckers (not me and the Wife by the way) which tucks in behind the skirt.
    Here is the photo, a tad under 5 meters long so no more windiness and missing dogs and deafness caused by high pressure in the awning. The awning carpet now rolls up to and on the skirt for a nice air tight seal.



    Trikeman. :winky:
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    As a matter of interest, I could not be bothered fitting an awning rail but get a passable result using a load of 2" suckers off ebay.

    You could cut a neat slot for the step if you wanted, I had to so our door could open.

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