Travelling to Turkey July 2010

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    If you are planning to visit Turkey make sure that you organise your vehicle insurance (Green Card/third party at border) covers the whole of your intended stay. In the past one could temporary import the vehicle for six months regardless of the length of your insurance cover. On our visit this year we could only import the vehicle for the duration of the Green Card.

    In the past some people have contacted their insurers while in Turkey to extend their stay by getting another Green Card. If you do this you will have to exit the country and re enter again.
    The details for the length of stay for the vehicle are entered on the drivers passport. Make sure you check the dates thoroughly as Magbaz Travels did not and found that the wrong dates had been entered and it was very embarrassing for them.

    A personal visa for three months costs €15 or £10 according to what stamps they have and the mood of the person selling them. In January this year we paid £10 but in July somebody paid €15 but that's Turkey for you.

    Safe travelling.


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