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Dec 13, 2007
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HI, I have just read a thread about security when travelling in spain, let's be aware that it's not the spanish you need to worry about, they are very nice & helpful people, it's the eastern euro criminals that you must be aware of, the spanish papers are full of problems the spanish police are having with these people, if you are parked up and a car stops and the occupants get out and start to approch you, drive off fast, if a car bumps into you keep driving until you reach a well populated area, then stop and if they are genuine they will follow you. I have had a place in spain for the last twelve years and I am very aware of whats going on around me, go to the 'Costa Blanca' Newspaper site and you can read all about the problems in spain with these criminals.


Jul 19, 2007
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I have often heard the Spanish blaming N Aficans for theft/street crime often with no evidence. But, you are right Eastern Europeans are taking much of the credit these days. I am sure Spain has plenty of home grown low life:Smile: Whoever commits the crime, Spain is still a very safe place to live when compared to other EU countries, especially the UK::bigsmile:


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Aug 29, 2007
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Unfortunately this has been prevalent for many years and I always have some means of protection that can be used if required viz. pistol crossbow and gas pistol both quite legal but serve as a deterent. I used to take the pump action shot gun but sold that many years ago and for that you need an international certificate. Hopefully you never need to use them but I sleep easier knowing I have them.I also have a rounders bat curtursy of Pallella de callafrugal hanging up as well. I have been followed several times by the ubiquitous black BMW or Audi and had 3 cars open their doors when we parked up in Elche and that was funny really as we walked from the van they walked towards it we walked back and so did they. We left of course. Keep safe not sorry.

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