Travelling Back to UK from Malaga

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by tullie, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Hello Funsters,
    I'm travelling back to the UK via Santander-Plymouth ferry on 18th March and wondered if anyone else was taking the same route/ferry. I've never had the opportunity to meet up with any other MH owners/travellers and thought this might be my opportunity.

    Leaving from near Malaga on Sat 16th travelling up through Madrid with no plans where to stop except for a fantastic lunch on Sunday at a bar in a village where I used to live 2 hrs north of Madrid in the province of Segovia. The village is called Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela and within a 2 Km walk from the village there is a wildlife sanctuary for Griffon vultures and other birds of prey. There are about 200 breeding pairs. There is a largish car park next to the 'Casa del Parque' which is an exhibition centre with information about the area and its wildlife. After a lazy afternoon there and a walk I'll be continuing north to get to Santander early morning.

    Anybody else passing by?

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