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    We will soon be setting off to Europe to become a 'Full Timer' in our new panel van conversion. Although I am no stranger to van life there are a few questions regarding insurance I could do with a little help sorting out.....

    Anybody know of an insurance company that will cover for Mountaineering, climbing and skiing 365 days per year without having to return to the UK. I am a regular user of the BMC and Snowcard however both these providers only insure for 90 day trips 3 x per year and you have to return to the UK inbetween? Any sports people have experience of a reputable provider that will cover for Mountain Rescue in Alpine regions?

    Apart from bringing the E111 card with us can anyone recommend a good/cheap insurance company for personnel insurance.

    Finally I have read that by keeping our Home Insurance running (although we have no official home just a correspondence address) it will cover us for items that may be lost/stolen or damaged such as laptop, ipad or even engagement ring etc? Can anyone shed some light on this please?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.:thumb:


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