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    I have a few left, if you want one taking to Newark let me know, if you are not going yo Newark you can still get one from the link in my signature.:thumb:


    Do you already keep a journal? I have been camping for many years, in all this time my wife Sian has kept an extensive log of our trips. Every campsite and even the smallest road trip has been recorded and when we read these old journals the memories just come flooding back. Especially nice for us are sections where the children have recorded their thoughts and adventures. Our journals have become valuable family keepsakes.

    Every Motorhomer who keeps a journal does so for different and valuable reasons. On the most basic level, your Journal is a place to record information; the name of those lovely tea rooms in Woodstock or directions to the waterfall from the camp site. It's a log of what not to forget. It's something to share with friends and family; or it might serve as a confidant on solo journeys. It's a store for memorabilia such as stamps, ticket stubs, and wine labels, and can provide a clean canvas for impromptu sketches. However you use it, the rewards of re-reading it years later can be as enjoyable as the trip

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