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  1. Just smiffy

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    May 31, 2015
    just thought I’d put this out there for information for others...

    I just did a quotation for traveling around France Spain and Portugal for the whole of winter duration of 6mths with Allianz,

    Declared two pre-existing conditions asthma and high blood pressure.

    3 levels of cover were offered, bronze, silver and gold
    Various cover as in delays baggage loss etc....
    Hospital cover from 1m/5m to 10million including payments to you if in hospital and of course the all important repatriation included...

    Age 58
    Price from £137-£158-£184 approximately and respectfully for bronze silver and gold...

    Now I thought that was pretty good...? Not full timer and with a uk home and address...
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  2. Silver-Fox

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    Sep 5, 2014
    Cheltenham Spa
    Really? You must of had a hard childhood :D

    Seriously though those quotes seem pretty good to me (y)
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