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Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Mandaxxx, May 10, 2010.

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    Wherever we stop.
    Hi all we thought to get a box trailer-van type-enclosed and lockable, we tracked one down, brand new-made to order in Wales.
    We paid the deposit and waited the 5 weeks it takes to build, booked the campsite for two nights so it wasn't a rush to get there and back.
    Derek Rose Trailers of (near) Talgarth, he rang to say it would be another week so a bit of talking to the campsite we moved the booking to the next w/end.
    We spent a very quiet night in the Car Park in Hay-on-Wye, then went up to our campsite & got settled. We were supposed to be collecting the trailer just after lunch!
    We got a call--could we leave it till 4.30pm-ok then later another call could we leave it till 5.30pm-ok.
    We finally got there at about 6.00pm and it still wasn't ready!!!!! Eventually about 7.00pm after my husband helping we left with our brand new trailer.
    Two pleasant nights at the campsite we left for home with traqiler in tow, about 60 miles down the road there was a horrible grinding noise and I found I could see a corner of the trailer I hadn't previously been able to see.
    The offside wheel complete with it's hub had sheared off the chassis, well to be truthfull the whole shebang had just come away as to the quality of welding-I think I could weld better than that-it just hadn't stuck the plates together.
    Any way 3 & half hours later the blessed AA took the thing away & back to the builder.
    Hopefully we won't have too much of a fight to get our money back! Thank goodness we were in the van I don't like to think of the outcome using the car, and the van was unscathed.
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    YO11 2BD
    :Eeek: you were seriously lucky the trailer didnt turn that would have been bad.
    hope you get your money refunded but dont hold your breath :Sad:
    tell them because of this you have no confidence in their product and do not want a replacement trailer.

    i think id be seeing trading standards with a view to their working practices, obviously the welder needs a different putting chewing gum under chairs or sorting paper clips.:RollEyes:
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    Oh my Gosh, they are only down the road from us, so sorry to hear the problems you have had, could have been so much more serious let alone the disappointment you have had

    Hope it is sorted without too much hassle

    John and Kath
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    One of the problems with this sought of thing is that the welders just aren't fabricators or welders. Its just somebody looking for a job, gets employed at Minimum National Wage as a fabricator weder.

    Most of this stuff is built using a jigging system and so the fabrication/assembley is simple.

    Then the guy gets welding equipment stuck in his hand (normally MIG on this stuff), gets told to press a button and mind his eyes, bingo now he's a welder.

    There have been quite a few near misses in the construction industy with this type of operative training and its got to stop.

    The problem is that people dont want to pay for a product thats cheaper down the road, its cheaper because its almost always of inferior quality.

    Glad to hear that your ok.

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    How true ,I was a time served fabrication welder and worked in the industry for forty years,my last job invovled the manufacture of heavy lifting equipment for cranes etc ,we had a labourer in the work shop tacking up ,I was made redundant and the guy on £5.65 an hour is still there and is now mig welding every thing in sight and dosent know a leg length from a root gap .I think you were very lucky to come away all in one piece and wish you all the best with your claim .


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