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    Unlike many forums, we like to have traders among the members. Their expertise and product knowledge is most welcome, as long as their posts are not sales pitches, their input benefits all of us.

    We are now just starting to attract some advertisers that are willing to sponsor the forum in return for putting their message in front of almost 5000 funsters and around a 1000 unique visitors every single day.::bigsmile: In fairness to these advertisers I am restricting the use of commercial links in signatures to sponsors only, So unless a trader is also sponsor they will not be allowed to have a commercial link in their signature, nor can they have a user name that is same or similar to their business.

    In addition, to make our advertising a more attractive proposition, those that do advertise in and sponsor the forum will have the option to open their own forum subsection in a new traders section where they can carry out customer relations/service/messaging. This forum section will operate just like any other, however posts from it will not appear on the front page. Supercamper is the first to use this option and you can see what he has managed to do >> here

    Please read the updated rules <Trader rules> If anyone has any questions about them please PM me.

    Thanks for your cooperation


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