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    Mar 12, 2012
    I decided to invest in a Tracker the other day. My reasoning was this, I occasionally leave my Motorhome in storage and I want to know if a) it is being broken into and b) if it is being driven off. My insurance company have not specified a tracker on my policy so I was free to choose whatever I wanted. I did some research and the cheapest Tracker was about £175 fitted and £135 per annum to monitor it. However I went for this unit which has these features:-

    Pre configured and ready to go with a £5 SIM. (No monthly Top Up needed)
    2 batteries, a charger and a hard wire kit.
    Lifetime Customer Service.
    Free Constant online monitoring (by you) by computer or smartphone (you can actually see how fast it's going and exactly where it is).
    The ability to send commands by text to the tracker.
    Tracker will send you a message on your phone if your Motorhome moves.
    Tracker will send you a message on your phone if it senses sudden vibration in your Motorhome (ie if it is being broken into).
    You can call the Tracker by phone and listen in to the interior of your Motorhome.
    You can send the Tracker a text message and it will reply with its exact location in seconds and a link to Google maps.
    Works anywhere in the world!

    Total cost £36. (No further costs)

    I have absolutely no affiliation with this company but I am amazed how brilliant and flawlessly it works. Took about 5 minutes to hard wire it permanently to the leisure batteries.
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