Toyota Hi Ace camper : where is the Fridge relay

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Hi - I posted this on a Toyota forum but have gotten an answer.

    I've 91 Yokohama MS Hiace Camper and it came with a 3 way fridge I've gotten it working off gas and mains but it won't run off the engine, there's a connector at under the sink which is getting 12V but fridge never cools, I took a look at it tonight

    The element ohms out OK, when I took the wiring appat and tried to measure the current it was zero - I was expedcting 6A.

    I measured the voltage with the firdge connected and it collsapeses to nothing - that points to the relay being dead and high resistance, that would explain why I get voltage but no juice.

    I had a look in the back of zig and there's no relays so it must be near the battery, light was against me. Would anybody know where to look and what to replace it with.

    Also if it's any good I'll trade a wiring diagram for the camper side of the van

    -- An update --

    At lunch time to day I had a look at the battery compartment, there are some small 1inch cubes ticked in beside it -these could be relays for the van or could be ones added for the fridge and battery charging - I can't get a good look at them.

    There was what appeaed to be a power resitor or diode that had burned out. I think it was a diode. I've cut it out, as it fell appart and joined the wires with screw terminal I haven't tested the fridge but the van starts and runs OK.


  2. M,P,K,M+J

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    Did you fix Fridge problem?

    Hi, did you manage to get your fridge running on the Hiace battery? If so how did you get it working as i have a 1993 Hiace YMS with a similar problem among possibily others and could do with any advice you may be able to give, Thanks Mike.
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    Hi THIS MAY NOT PROVE ANY USE AT ALL :ROFLMAO: but relays are usualy put close to the engine battery - taken off the alternator wire then fed through a in line fuse then onto the fridge or leisure battery or both ( twin relay ) It will only work when engine is running:thumb:

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