Towing or Bike Rack??

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  1. Deboliver


    Aug 23, 2012
    Hi have been reading about payloads etc and am not sure if I would be about to have a rack.
    MH is chausson welcome 72 - 3500kg. front axle 1850 rear 2000kg. worked out that the actual GVW with a 120 bike would be 3970. I have two plates under bonnet one reads 3500kg then 6090 kg the other 3500kg and 4780kg
    What does the second weight refer to?
    so I presume with the 3970 I'm over the 3500

    Does this mean I will have to tow a scooter on a trailer

    thanks for all your expert knowledge
  2. G8WVW


    Jan 15, 2013
    Applying weight such as a bike rack at the extreme rear of the vehicle has a greater influence on the rear axle loading than you'd expect.

    If for instance you put a 100Kg weight right over the back axle then the axle loading will increase by 100Kg; that bit is simple.

    If you move that weight forward, the load will be shared by the front and rear axle. If placed exactly halfway between the two axles then the front loading will increase by 50Kg and the rear will increase by 50Kg.

    If the 100Kg load is moved behind the rear axle then there is a see-saw effect pivoted on the rear axle. Crudely put, pushing down at the vehicle rear lifts the vehicle front with the rear axle as the pivot point. The total vehicle weight of course increases by 100Kg but the effect on the rear axle is greater than 100Kg as weight if transferred from the front axle to the rear. Confused?

    Just be aware that adding weight to the rear of the vehicle increases the rear axle loading by more than the weight of that load!

  3. Ivory55

    Ivory55 Funster

    May 23, 2012
    North West Norfolk
    hi i remember a very long time ago at school when the teacher was showing us weights and levers etc. how you could hold a bag of sugar close to your chest but at arms length it felt like a ton weight. same as extra weight on rear of van. cheers ivory55
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