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    I finely got around to putting these notes together in June 2011 of our trip to Scandinavia and a side trip to Russia/Estonia in May/June 2000. Normally travel info gets out of date very quickly but not much has changed route wise since we completed the trip 11 years ago. There are of course the bridges across the Storebælt and the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden.

    I've included the Swedish/Norwegian ferry prices as a comparison with today's prices.

    It might be of help to anybody thinking of a trip to the far north of Norway.

    I've not included many places of interest as peoples interests vary considerably.

    Ferry Hull - Rotterdam.

    Europort to Hamburg. Autobahn A1 junc 29 Restplatz. 403 miles.

    Hamburg to Copenhagen. Camping Absolom Copenhagen. 194 miles
    Via ferry Putgarten to Rodby. Germany to Denmark.

    Copenhagen to Vaxjo. Camping Evedals, Vaxjo 161 miles.
    Via ferry Helsingoer to Helsingborg. Denmark to Sweden.

    Vaxjo to Kalmarden. Camping Kalmarden. 227 miles.

    Kalmarden to Stockholm. Camping Bredangs. 114 miles.

    Ferry Stockholm to Helsinki Viking Line SEK1977 (2 berth outside cabin & 6 metre van)
    Helsinki Camping Rastila.

    Side trip to St Petersburg (Russia) for 4 days by train. Day trip to Tallinn (Estonia) both organised by the tourist office in Helsinki Total cost £1060.
    We also had a day trip to Turku by train.

    Helsinki to Lake side picnic area on road 15. 25 south of Mikkeli. 125 miles.

    Mikkeli area to Hyrynsalmi. Lakeside area free camp. 278 miles.

    Hyrynsalmi to Rovaniemi. Camping Ounskoski. 241 miles.

    Rovaniemi to Inari. Camping Lomakya. 211 miles.
    Crossed Arctic Circle

    Inari to Nordcap. Camping Kirkeporten Skarsrag.
    Crossed into Norway.
    Nordcap tunnel toll NKR 165 each way for 6metre van.

    Nordcap to Nordmanset. Free camp picnic area. 58 miles.

    Nordmanset to Olderdalen. Free camp Olderdalen harbour. 231 miles.

    Olderdalen to Bardu. Polar zoo car park NKR50 158 miles
    Via ferry Olderdalen to Lyngseidet. NKR112
    Ferry Svensby to Brievik NKR82
    Visited Tromso City & Church.

    Bardu to Strand, Vesteralen. Strand picnic area free camp. 132 miles.
    Visited Narvik war museum.

    Strand to Gravdal (Loften Isles) Kuntz? Picnic area Free camp.
    Via ferry Melbu to Fiskebol. NKR96

    Toured Loften Isles (south) tunnel toll NKR130 return. We used the Kuntz picnic as an overnight base to tour the Loften isles north & south.

    Gravdal to Hamsund. RT 81 Hamsund picnic area. Free camp.
    Via ferry Svolvaer to Skutvik. NKR266

    Hamsund to Bodo. Camping Bodo.143 miles
    Via Tunnel toll NKR55
    Visited air museum and Bodo church.

    Route 17 starts in Bodo and we will follow south until it ends in Steinkjer.

    Bodo to Kilboghamn. Port free camp. 129 miles
    Via ferry Foroy to Agskardet. NKR61
    Ferry Jetuik to Kilboghamn. NKR148

    Kilboghamn to Horn. Horn port free camp. 119 miles.
    Via ferry Nesne to Levang NKR86
    Toll Helgeland Bridge NKR78
    Ferry Tjotta to Forvik NKR128
    Ferry Andalsvag to Horn. NKR71.

    Horn to Kjelbotn. Kjelbotn picnic area free camp. 124 miles
    Via ferry Vennesund to Holm NKR77
    Ferry Hofles to Lund NKR84.

    Kjelbotn to Osen Bridge. Free camp. 77 miles
    Via Route 715
    Visited Namsos

    Osen Bridge to Valsoyfjord. Picnic area free camp. 175 miles
    Via Route 715 & E39
    Ferry Rovik to Flakk NKR86

    Valsoyfjord to Alesund. Bobil park. 107 miles.
    Via ferry Halsa to Kanestraum NKR77
    Bridge toll NKR80
    Ferry Molde to Vestnes NKR107.

    Alesund to Olden. Camping Gytri Olden. 126 miles.
    Via ferry Solavagen to Festoya NKR71
    Ferry Volda to Folkstad NKR66
    Ferry Lote to Anda NKR61

    Olden to Vagamo. Vagamo picnic area 122 miles
    Visited Lom stave church.

    Vagamo to Hodalan free camp. 144 miles

    Hodalan to Tjarnvallen (Sweden) car park free camp. 124 miles

    The weather had been very bad the last three days and the forecast was not looking good so we decided to cut short the visit to southern Norway and go south to Denmark.

    Tjarnvallen to Falun. Picnic area free camp. 181 miles.

    Falun to Edsleskog. Picnic area free camp. 211 miles

    Edsleskog to Gothenburg Camping Askim 127 miles.
    Boat trip around Gothenburg and city visit.

    Gothenburg to Fredrickshaven (Denmark). Picnic area free camp 17 miles.
    Via ferry Gothenburg to Fredrickshaven. SKR1460. 2 berth outside cabin & 6 metre van.

    We now started to follow the "Marguerite Route" south. Detailed map from tourist office.

    Fredrickshaven to Lien picnic area free camp. 139 miles.

    Lien to Fovsing picnic area free camp. 144 miles

    Fovsing to Ribe. Town car park free camp. 130 miles.

    Ribe to Bremen. free camp A1 Bremen south. 229 miles.

    Bremen to Europort. Ferry to Hull at 16.00hrs. 259 miles

    We cut the trip short due to the atrocious weather over the last 10 days.

    We did 5530 miles in 60 days. Luckily we had toured the southern Norwegian fjords before so we did not miss too much there.

    Can highly recommend the Loften Isles and the Norwegian Coastal Route 17 it is an experience using all the ferries. It's even better if you get some decent weather.

    Can also highly recommend the "Marguerite Route" in Denmark could be tight in places for vans over 7 metres.

    We are loners isolationists and we spent many nights by ourselves in lonely remote places. Not to everybody's liking.

    Did not get many good pics as weather was against us.

    Safe travelling.


    Nordcap Skarsrag sun shining through "Church Window" at 2am.

    Camping Kirkeporten Skarsrag, Nordcap

    Service point Loften Isles

    Somewhere in Norway.

    Waiting for the ferry
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    On my To Do list - now very near the top, thank you.

    I've been as far up as Abisko, but have a great desire to visit Nordkapp
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    Definitely cutting and pasting this. My wife really wants to go up and see the Northern lights. Thanks a lot

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    I thought Blackpool was "motorhome unfriendly"? :winky:

    But you are right it is a hell of a long way to go and not see anything, would have to research timings properly

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    Thanks, Don, we've also cut and pasted.

    I love Scandinavia. First time was around Christmas, super hospitality. Then we had one rally there, and the BBC entered Mini ran out of dynamo on the way from the ship. Another Min in front used its headlights, with the Min, unlit, close behond and me by that. At thr frontier, the first Min and I kept flashing our lights and hooting, the Swedish/Norwegian customs guys came out, quick look at passports, I push started the Min ( I had TR3) and off we went, all the way to Oslo. Another trip, in a restaurant somewhere, I told my co-driver - you're Timo Makinen, you've sworn to practise only English, so we said this - to our embarassment, they believed us and refused to take payment, so we ended up tipping more than the bill! A third trip in a removal van ended up with me in the back, holding a torch as a rear light since the cope had stopped us, and told us to wait til dawn. We had a boat to catch, so they roared off.. and stopped 200 yards away. They waited 10 minutes, we waited 20!

    Can't wait to go quietly, in the van...

    Happy days,

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