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Mar 21, 2010
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A few weeks ago there was a discussion here regarding the race route programme for the TDF.

I have just purchased mine from Smith's. There are two or three on the market but in you want an in depth view of the "tour". May I suggest you buy the one listed below. It has every thing in the box, from a full size map of France with TDF route on it (but you can still use the map any time) loads of interesting bits. Included is the only official programme, this contains all the full route details every road it will be travelling on estimated times a every Km is marked. Don't waste your money the cheaper copies even to get a spare pair of socks!! It is worth every penny of £14.99.

Le Tour de France - 2015 Souvenir Pack - Premium Issue (comes a yellow box with Froomee on the front.




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May 7, 2015
United Kingdom
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Don't own one yet!
I'm a newbie
Sounds great, but I better not buy it just in case Mrs W gets up one day to find I've gone to France in the van for 3 weeks on my own ;-)

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