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    Jan 26, 2011
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    1st with 22 points - - PeterH
    2nd with 21 points - - upmarkethippy
    3rd with 20 points - - mondo
    Joint 4th with 14 points - - rickscott & bionicpixie
    Joint 6th with 12 points - - catspyjamas & wyayewires
    Joint 8th with 6 points - - gypsylady & sunflower
    10th with 4 points - - curlycornflake
    11th with 3 points - - JJ
    12th with 2 points - tackleberry
    Joint 13th with 0 points - - wildmanroger & wasp

    Thank you to everyone who took part. :thumb:

    Next week's quizmaster is PeterH. :Smile:

    The questions:

    Q1. What is the name of the island in Poole Harbour that is a refuge for red squirrels?

    Q2. The phrase ‘No man is an island’ comes from a work written by which English poet?

    Q3. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur lived within a labyrinth on which island?

    Q4. The Caribbean island of Dominica has a flag featuring what kind of bird?

    Q5. The song ‘Islands in the Stream’ was a Top Ten UK hit in 1983 for Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. Who wrote it?

    Q6. In the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift what is the name of the flying island?

    Q7. Easter Island, famous for its huge stone statues, belongs to which country?

    Q8. Craggy Island is the parish assigned to Father Ted Crilly. What is the name of the island parish assigned to his rival, Father Dick Byrne?

    Q9. Where are the Islets of Langerhans?

    Q10. Which island uses the international vehicle registration plate MS?

    Q11. Which Shakespeare play opens with a shipwreck on a remote island?

    Q12. In the film ‘Chicken Run’ who provided the voice for the Rhode Island Red rooster, Rocky?

    Q13. The song ‘La Isla Bonita’ was a UK Number One hit for Madonna in 1987. From which album was it taken?

    Q14. On which Scottish island is Fingal’s Cave?

    Q15. In ‘Thunderbirds’ what is the name of the island that houses the secret base of International Rescue?

    Q16. In the book ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, what is the name of Long John Silver’s parrot?

    Q17. The Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred in which year?

    Q18. Which island has the capital Antananarivo?

    Q19. Who is the most requested composer on the radio programme ‘Desert Island Discs’?

    Q20. In the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ what is the name of the island where Barbossa and his crew hid their gold?

    The answers:

    A1. Brownsea Island

    A2. John Donne

    A3. Crete

    A4. A parrot (Imperial Parrot or sisserou)

    A5. The Bee Gees

    A6. Laputa

    A7. Chile

    A8. Rugged Island

    A9. In the pancreas (produce hormones)

    A10. Mauritius

    A11. The Tempest

    A12. Mel Gibson

    A13. True Blue

    A14. Staffa

    A15. Tracy Island

    A16. Captain Flint

    A17. 1979

    A18. Madagascar

    A19. Mozart

    A20. Isla de Muerta

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