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    I was lighting the woodstove yesterday using an old copy of the local Rag, and as I was reading it(AS YOU DO) came across this bit about an accident on the A20 coming into Dover. The Motorhome driver a Mr Powell of Kingsdown Was pulled up at the end of a queue when there was a large bang and bits of car went passed his cab. A Lorry had driven straight into the rear of his Fiat Panda Toad, it was on an A frame and has been totally destroyed. I should think the motorhome has also been severely damaged as all the forces went through the tow bar into the rear chassis of the van. Luckily nobody was hurt but from the picture it must have been a right wallop when it struck the car was crushed from the rear bumper to the back of the drivers door. Mr Powell and his wife were just getting home from a trip around North Wales, so not too far from home but it is going to cost a packet to replace the car and repair the van If that isn't also written off with severe chassis damage, luckily it was not an occupied car just stopped behind the van as there would have been severe injuries if not deaths. No comment was made about the lorry other than the Driver was not arrested they didn't say where he was from, but I bet he was over his times and half asleep.
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    Might have been a blessing in disguise..... having the toad on I mean...

    Might have been a different matter with NO toad.... the way Mo,homes fold up in an accident..

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