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Aug 26, 2007
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i recently finished fitting the towbar & electrics to my kontiki.

today i decided to test the different lights ect.

all worked ok 'til i got to the fog lights.:Angry:

multi meter out and start checking.....cant find the feed to the fogs so try a different route.

turn on lights, all ok:thumb:

brakelights, all ok.:thumb:

left and right indys, all ok:thumb:

fogs, nothing on toad but on van, all ok.:RollEyes:

reverse lights, van ok and bingo.......fog lights on toad!!!!!!:Angry:

i had connected the toads fog wire to the only wire left on the l/h harness without an additional wire connected without checking first (logic assumed):Blush:

it transpires the reverse lights are fed from the l/h harness and the fogs are from the r/h (there are two harnesses split near the front, l/h harness feeds l/h/s ect)

logic says l/h harness feeds all l/h lights & r/h feeds r/h but no, SWIFT say otherwise.
luckily i'd run a 7core cable from the r/h/s to pick up indicators and connected all 7 wires at the r/h harness as a backup incase of probs with the connections on the left.

stratford will be the first trip with the toad and i'm so glad i checked it all now and not the departure day.

sods/murphies law states it will be foggy on the M1 that day.:Doh:


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