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May 19, 2020
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Knaus Sun Ti 650 MEG
I'm a newbie
A long time lurker, time to introduce myself. We decided very early this year to purchase a motorhome ( no previous experience whatsoever), the plan being to tour Spain in May, my wife hates flying and also it would mean the dog could come as well. Obviously that all fell apart and with a bit of delay from the dealer we picked up our Knaus Sun Ti 650 MEG immediately prior to lockdown. It went immediately into storage and basically forgot about it , although I did remove both batteries and took them home with me to keep them charged.

The MH is 2016 registered plated @3850kg, probably built I think sometime from late 2014 looking at the tyre age- since replaced . Only 12k miles on the clock, which did worry me but we've done 3K plus miles this year so far and apart from a squeaky brake(s) when hot ( which frustratingly I failed yet to cure) the 2.3 D 130 bhp Ducato cab chassis has behaved impeccabbly.

It's been a fairly steep learning curve for both of us but I do think we're getting there. The dealer experience left me somewhat traumatised, so much so that I will never darken their doors again . Why they think that it's a good idea to insist an alarm that was working on our pre purchase inspection need to be replaced at a cost of £899 really irked me, anyway surprise surprise it started working again prior to our pick up , ok there was a fault but I repaired that for the costly sum of a replacement bonnet switch (£2.50).

I don't mind getting my hands dirty but I realised I was starting from an almost zero knowledge base but I've had excellent help from a fellow funster who lives nearby, who so far has shown great patience and I thank him for that.

We've named the MH CC as it's been a bit of a 'cash cow' but despite the fact I didn't wish to purchase any item(s) without a thorough 'need' analysis the list is getting longer and we did have to start from scratch, but thankfully we've used every item we purchased apart from the levelling ramps- we don't tend to worry too much over the inclination and so far the fridge has worked.

Due to lockdown etc and our own inexperience we've stuck to EHUs at mainly C&MH sites, hopefully we'll become more adventurous as time goes by otherwise might as well have bought a caravan. That said we're both thoroughly enjoying the experience and the lifestyle it permits and hopefully will coninue to use it in the UK throughout this winter. We would love to get across the channel, we've a son in Amsterdam and desires for winter sun in Spain, the dog is ready I think for worst case Brexit scenario from the beginning of January i.e 3 months post postive rabies antibody test .

I've a few thoughts and plans for Autumn and Winter to get the van ready for next year - it needs a cambelt replaced , so that's booked in . However I'm very undecided at present over two other potential additions , first is whether to fit semi air on the rear. The MH has a large through garage and we're near the rear axle limit of 2000kg @1900kg fully loaded , two heavy electric bikes don't help. I guess I won't know until I fit it but I think if I do I'll use a manual inflation system and plumb the gauges and valves into the service locker. The other conundrum is Solar panels and everything else that entails- additional leisure battery, B2B charger etc. Certainly this year I would have had no need for a Solar panel plus I've a Honda EU10i (LPG) generator as an option that I'd like to try out first to discover how much of an irritant it is.

Now that your asleep, I'll continue to lurk somewhat but hopefully now as I see there are questions and comments I can respond to, I can contribute. No doubt at all there will be a few questions I need answers to as well. Thank you.


Oct 7, 2015
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Elddis Majestic 155
Motorhoming since 2015......
Welcome from a damp and dreary Ciren! ;) (y)

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Oct 28, 2011
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