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    I am putting this post on for Poacher who needs your help - hope you are able to help him. Thanks

    "Leaving aside the lawfulness or otherwise of A-frames, wherever [​IMG]

    With particular reference to Spain at the present time

    I am researching the disparity in penalties and offences for which 'tickets' have been issued to the [​IMG]rs of motorhomes whilst using an A-frame in Spain

    This is a factual research project based upon copies of of actual 'tickets' collated and is thus far proving very interesting

    Will any forum member who has 'fallen foul' of the authorities in Spain and been issued a 'ticket', with whom I have not yet been in contact, please be kind enough to contact me either on 07836 325916 or pm Destination Unknown

    I am seeking a copy of the ticket issued for it to be included in my research (stories of tickets issued / fines imposed are being excluded in order to give the research some validity)

    Tickets for similar alleged offences elsewhere in Europe also appreciated

    Thank you in anticipation for a deluge of replies / tickets - if anyone has done this before, would apprecaite a pointer towards same


    Research results available / posted in due course - hopefully before this winter's "run to the sun"

    Request posted elsewhere - apologies for duplication


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